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Ping Xu


Sometimes clients feel overwhelmed by external events and may experience some negative internal monologue. I utilize a holistic approach throughout the therapeutic process to accommodate each client’s unique experience, needs, and goals for therapy. I guide my counseling sessions through empathy and support, ensuring that clients are heard, understood, and are provided with the tools to take charge of their own journey of recovery and healing. I co-pilot the journey with my clients, aiding them in improving their wellness.


I am a physician (MD) and a Counselor, who is passionate about mind body integration, and supporting people in their wholistic journey of recovery and well-being. I help individuals and families with grief, family dynamics, marital strife, work and life transitions, ADHD, and any mental health a social adoption challenge they may be facing. I have over 10 years of experience working in human resources, with various Canadian organizations, with a deep understanding of disability and duty to accommodate.


Client Focus: Couples, Families, individuals, children (starting at 6+)


Types of therapy: CBT, DBT, Family System Therapy, premarital, Couple, Emotion Focused Therapy, Mindfulness practise.


Issues: (Standard) Anxiety, depression, trauma

Specialties: Infidelity, fertility, addictions, parenting issues, Adolescent and Adult ADHD, Positive Parenting

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