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Image by McKayla Crump
Image by McKayla Crump


Watered Heart Counselling was formed to help individuals live an optimal life, deal with life’s challenges, and learn to thrive.

We believe habits create the condition of your heart. Out of the heart flows the issues of life! 

When a heart is broken, dull, hardened, scolded, numb or dysfunctional not only does it interrupt the flow of life, but it can suffocate and cut off one’s ability to function.

Here at Watered Heart, we believe life is not the inclusion of everything or the avoidance of anything. Living a balanced and optimal life is one’s ability to adapt to life’s challenges while heading to a destination. 

Life is a means to an end…and the end should always be intentional!


What you can expect during an individual therapy session:


Individual therapy provides the unique opportunity to experience uninterrupted focus on you. 


We will provide:

Lack of judgment - total acceptance.

Confidentiality – freedom and transparency 

Cultural humility – encourage diversity

A newfound hope: Finding a new path/vision (lens) that will change your life.

Our Mission

To empower individuals and impact lives.

Our Vision

To transform lives, strengthen communities and restore hope.
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